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Corporate Diapers – Part 7

[NOTE: This chapter was written by me.]

The past few weeks have been tough for Crystal and Chase. Chase actually needs diapers, the incident at the meeting, and Crystal’s betrayal. Crystal stayed at her friend’s place until she found an apartment, not too far from work. It wasn’t exactly luxurious like the mansion. In fact, it kind of sucked. It smelled of second-hand smoke, the AC was a joke, stuff was peeling and falling apart, and the water smelled like sewage. It sucked, but the price was right and there’s not a lot of apartments to go around in their crowded community. Her only belongings were a few clothes and a smartphone.

Crystal gave her best friend a tour in her new home. He acknowledged that it sucked, but didn’t say anything about it. Just then, Crystal started to get really depressed. She really missed Chase. She didn’t care about living a life of luxury. She didn’t even care about the ABDL stuff or satisfying her sexual needs. No, she missed Chase, because she really missed him.

She remembered some of the events when Chase wasn’t acting like a baby while they were in the mansion. He was very kind to her, and tried to make her happy as much as she made him happy. One of those times that really touched her heart was actually about 2 months ago. Crystal tucked Chase in his crib and decided to sleep with him, in the crib. The next morning, she woke up and noticed Chase was no longer in the crib. She got a little worried, looking around the mansion, then finally saw him in the kitchen. He was wearing an apron, diaper and baby clothes still there from the other night. However, he was no longer acting like a baby. He prepared a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruits, ice cream, chocolate, and toast, along with Crystal’s favorite coffee.

“Good morning, sweetie 🙂 I hope you’ve slept well.”

“Wow, Chase….I didn’t expect this.”

“I wanted to be the one to make you breakfast for a change. I want to take care of you and make you happy, because I care about you.”

“…Chase, I care about you, too. A lot.”

Crystal was almost in tears. She never felt so happy in her life. She wondered, because after she said that…

“Yeah, but I really, really care about you. I think I actually…”

Chase stopped mid-sentence, because he realized something was burning and rushed over to take care of it. After that, he never finished the sentence. Crystal never asked him about it, she just wondered about it ever since.

She also started to remember about that horrible day. The horrible day when Chase found out about Crystal’s betrayal. She not only broke the contract, but was fooling around with her best friend. His suspicions were correct after all. Chase was furious. Crystal saw his eyes change, into the eyes of a monster, a completely different person. He was morphing to his dark side. However, this wasn’t while he was horny. This was true darkness.

“You bitch!!! How could you???”

Chase slapped her across the face multiple times. She was hurt, crying, begging for Chase to stop. He kept slapping her, calling her names, telling her that she’s awful, disgusting, stupid, ugly, and disloyal. He finally stopped slapping her after the 100th slap. Crystal’s face was swollen and red. She was in total physical and emotional pain.

“…Get out. Get off my property. This is over.”

That was the end of it. Crystal was tired, depressed, eyes full of tears. She layed in her old futon, bundling up with a tattered blanket. She started to cry, and cried until she fell asleep.

Chase sat in his playroom, alone. He tried to have some fun, but is just too overwhelmed by sadness. Chase misses Crystal, despite her betrayal. He regretted slapping her and calling her names when he found out. The never wanted, and never will want, to hurt Crystal. He completely lost it from pure rage. He never felt so upset in his life.

Chase thought about the highlights of their relationship. Their adult relationship didn’t blossom as much as the ABDL one did, but it still was very fulfilling and intimate. However, he remembers one event that really touched his heart. Crystal was changing his diaper, tickling his tummy, making sure he had fun. After changing him, she put him in his playpen.

“Chase, I got a surprise for you. 🙂 “

She told Chase to cover his eyes. He did, then Crystal left the room and came back with a gift bag.

“Oh boy!!!! What’s that? It’s not even my birthday!”

“I know, but I just felt like it.”

Chase looked inside the gift bag and pulled out his gift. It was a huge stack of all the latest DC comics for the month. Chase was shocked, he almost wanted to cry because he was so happy. Chase is a huge comic book nerd, he’s loved them for almost his whole 30-something years of his life. Crystal wasn’t as into comics as Chase was, she reads mostly web comics or news articles. However, despite this, she was able to pick out Chase’s absolute favorites, with a little research.

“T..Thank you”

“I really care about you, Chase. Not because of the ABDL stuff, but because I really do care about you. You fill a void in my heart that I never thought I had. You complete me. I want to nurture your adult side, as well as your baby side.”

Chase was starting to tear up from hearing those words.

“I…I care about you, too. I really do.”

“I know we both care about each other, but I really, really do care. In fact, I think I…”

Before she could finish her sentence, someone rang the doorbell. It was a girl scout, selling cookies. Crystal, with her never-ending craving for sugar, bought about four boxes. She came back to the playroom and gave Chase some cookies. They were delicious, but Chase never heard her finish her sentence, nor did he ever ask her to complete it.

Crystal and Chase both realized something. Were their feelings true? Despite having a mostly sexual relationship, they realized they really do care about each other. Simultaneously, they said to themselves:

“I love you”


Corporate Diapers – Part 6

[NOTE: This chapter was written by me.]

Crystal got into her car and started driving to her company’s building as fast as she possibly can. She brought with her a fresh change of clothes for Chase, and a diaper. She was still kicking herself about letting this happen. How could she have possibly forget to take her phone off silent mode? She was having so much fun with her best friend that she forgot to check her phone as often as she should. She could only imagine what the whole incident was like. He was humiliated during the worst time to be humiliated. This was an extremely important meeting and Chase has been preparing for this for a whole month.

Crystal finally arrived at the building and rushed to the one-person bathroom. On her way, she noticed the conference room was empty, except for Chase’s boss and one of the company’s executives, which was the same woman that told Chase that he wet his pants. The woman was talking to Chase’s boss and he facepalmed. This can’t be good.

Crystal finally arrived to the one-person bathroom. She could hear Chase’s sobs. Crystal knocked on the door.

“Chase!!! I’m here!!!”


“You poor thing!!!”

“I need changie!!”

Crystal needed to find a way to unlock the door. She tried to look in the janitor’s closet. She found a set of keys and decided to try those. She rushed back to the bathroom, but stared in horror, because Chase’s boss was right there, in front of the bathroom door. He could listen to Chase’s sobs. He was starting to get extremely furious.


Crystal rushed over to Chase’s boss, hoping that she could do something about this.


“Hmmmmmm? What the hell are you doing here? You weren’t part of this meeting…”

“I know but…well…”

“…Do you have something to do with this?”

“N…No!!! I just uh…forgot something when I left work. I came back to find it.”

“Hmmmm….well, not sure if you heard the news, but Chase completely screwed up. He’s crying like a damn baby in the bathroom after wetting his trousers in front of the whole damn company. He’s been in there for a couple hours, crying away. If he doesn’t come out soon then he’s fired. You can count on that.”


Just then, Chase’s boss’ phone rang. He answered, said a few words, then hung up.

“I need to take care of an errand, can’t be wasting time waiting around for Chase.”

“Um…maybe I can help? I can try to get Chase out and possibly get his act together.”

“Yeah…sure. Alright. Get his ass out and his head straight. Maybe I’ll give you a raise for this if you don’t screw up as well.”

“Awesome. Thanks.”

Chase’s boss left and Crystal tried each key to see which one will open the door. One of them finally worked. Crystal open the door and was overwhelmed by the terrible smell. Chase’s been in dirty pants for over two hours. Crystal almost cried when she saw Chase. He was still in a fetal position, sobbing and crying for Crystal, still sucking his thumb. Chase started to wet his pants again, making the puddle underneath him grow larger. He kept crying and asking for Crystal to change him. He didn’t even notice that Crystal was there, yet. It was sad, depressing, horrifying, and pathetic.


Chase turned over to Crystal.


“Don’t cry, sweetie!! I’m here!!!”

Crystal got some wipes and undressed Chase. She cleaned him up, and cleaned the mess he made in the bathroom. She powdered him and put the clean diaper on him, then put clean clothes on him. She gave him a hug and tried to calm him down.

“C…C…Cwystal!! I was so scared!!! Where were you???” Chase cried harder

“I’m so sorry, Chase. I really am.” Crystal was almost about to cry, too. She kept it together, though.

Once Chase finally started to calm down, Crystal took him to her car and she started driving back home. Chase was still sniffling and tearing up. Crystal felt so awful, not only from what she did, but also from hearing Chase cry. It wasn’t just a baby cry. It was a very depressing type of crying. It was the crying from a traumatized, helpless man. She brought him to her home, trying her very best to help Chase recover.

“It’s ok, sweetie, we’re home. We’ll take you back to your playroom so you can go to sleep.”

Chase calmed down a little and they walked over to his playroom. On the way, Chase saw someone in the halls. He was shocked, who could be in their home?

It was Crystal’s best friend.

Her friend went to the kitchen to grab a drink. Crystal told him to stay in one of the other rooms until the coast was clear. However, well, he was thirsty.

Chase wasn’t sure what to even say. He not only knew this was Crystal’s “best friend,” but he was in the mansion. Chase, feeling more terrified than he has ever felt in his life, asked Crystal a question.

“S…Crystal, does he know…?”


“…Did you really tell him?”


“But…the contract…”

“…I’m sorry”

Just when Chase thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Corporate Diapers – Part 5

[NOTE: This chapter was written by me.  First 3 chapters were written by a friend.]

The night of Chase’s incident, Crystal is sitting in her room, in the dark. Chase has been extremely busy the last couple days, so busy that she and him haven’t been able to play together. Crystal was getting a little frustrated, physically and emotionally. She missed Chase and was very, very horny.

Throughout most of their relationship, Chase was always a little suspicious of something. Crystal had a friend, a male friend, whom she hangs out with whenever she and Chase weren’t playing together. She assures him that he’s only a friend. However, Chase was never quite felt comfortable with that answer. He sees her mysterious friend from time to time, and they seem oddly close to be friends. Her friend works at a sandwich shop, where most people at work go for lunch. When Chase ordered, he was at the register. He gave Chase a long, hard look. It was very strange. Chase always wondered what was up with that, but he never asked Crystal, afraid that she might think he’s being insecure. Crystal was sitting in her room, in the dark, but with her best friend. They had a blast that day. Chase was busy with the meeting all day, so they decided to drive far up north to visit a really awesome arcade, complete with the newest (and oldest) arcade games, laser tag, mini golf, bowling, and plenty of booze. It was every adult nerd’s paradise. They played laser tag for hours, played a few arcade games, and had a fancy dinner at their bar. They drove back to Crystal’s place, resting from a long day of fun. Then, her friend started to speak.



Crystal noticed that he gently poked her tits. It slowly went from gentle poking to full groping. Crystal, being unusually horny lately, was feeling amazing. She wondered to herself, “Maybe I shouldn’t do this…” However, her brain went to mush when her friend pulled down her pants and started eating her out.

“Oooooooooooooh……that feels so amazing…most amazing thing I’ve felt in a long time”

“Only for you, best friend :)”

Crystal and her best friend kept at it. She never felt so wonderful. While laying in bed, Crystal slowly tilted her head near her phone, close enough so she saw the screen. Then…

“….295 texts??? 32 voicemails???”

Then, she noticed, all of them from Chase. Crystal was extremely worried. She started reading and listening to all the messages.

“Crystal…help meeeeeeeeee!!!! I wet myself right in the middle of the meeting!!! I’m stuck in the bathroom with no clean clothes to change into!!!” She read the messages in chronological order.

“Crystal…please come…please….I’m really scared. I feel so humiliated.”

“Crystal…help me!! I had an accident!!!”

“Cwystal….I went pee pee and didn’t have my diapee :(“

“Cwystal….I tingly…pwease change me”



It was almost horrific. Crystal loves seeing Chase slowly regress from adult to baby, but not like this. She felt awful and disgusted with herself for even letting this happen.

“Crystal, are you ok?”

Her friend didn’t know Chase very well. To him, he was just her boss. Crystal told him the whole story. Her friend, being very kind and understanding, told her it’s alright (although, told her he wished he knew) and she should go to work ASAP to help Chase. Crystal agreed and rushed to her building right away.

“Chase, sweetie!!! Don’t cry, Crystal’s coming!!!”

Corporate Diapers – Part 4

[NOTE: This chapter was written by me.  The earlier chapters were written by a friend.]

It’s been two months since Crystal signed the contract to be Chase’s guardian. In the past month, Chase has been extremely busy with an important project. By the end of the day,  he will have to go to a meeting and present a slideshow and a demo to all the top people in  the company, along with a couple of the company’s top clients. Chase has been extremely  stressed out in the past month, and even more so in the last week. The need to be nurtured  by Crystal has grown exponentially because of the stress during the month. He has been  wearing diapers pretty much every day because he’s been so busy. However, he also noticed something. About a few weeks ago, Crystal and Chase went  out on a date to a nice restaurant. They wanted to have an “adult” date together so their adult  relationship grows, along with their ABDL relationship. When Chase and Crystal walked out  of the restaurant, Chase noticed Crystal looked a little surprised.

“Awwww, you had an accident…”

“…I…I did?”

Chase looked down his pants and realized that his pants were indeed soaked and a small  puddle formed underneath him. He couldn’t believe it…he was actually TRYING to be an  adult and not use diapers that day. Chase realized that he’s been doing ABDL stuff almost  every single day since Crystal signed the contract. This means that he almost never uses the  bathroom anymore. Chase basically de-trained himself. He was a little scared that he might  actually need diapers 24-7. He tried his best to forget about it, and thought it was just a fluke.

Today, the day of his project, he rushed into work early to prepare for the big meeting. He was  in such a rush that he forgot to put his diaper on, and he didn’t realize this until he was already  at work.

“Dammit…can’t believe I forgot to put a diaper on. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be able to hold it in today.”

By the end of the day, Chase felt prepared and ready to go to that meeting and blow  everybody’s minds with fancy business words and flashy powerpoint slides with a lot of moving things.

He added the last infographic into the powerpoint.

“Hell yeah…now we’re pointing with power!”

It was now time for the meeting. Chase headed over to the massive conference room, filled  with some of the most important people in the company. Everybody dressed very well, all  suits. He was a little nervous, but also confident. He set up a laptop so he can present the  powerpoint.

“Good evening, everyone.”

Is how Chase started the meeting. Everyone stopped talking and clapped. Chase felt a little  relieved, and more confident. He went through the slides, feeling like a boss! He talked with all  that fancy business talk business people like to hear.He continued to talk, however, started to notice something strange. People in the room went  from focusing on Chase, to REALLY focusing on Chase. There was whispering as well.  Chase was a bit concerned, but he kept talking. Finally, a woman called out.

“Um, sir…”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Um…it seems you have wet your pants.”


Chase looked down, in utter disbelief. He wet his pants pretty bad and a huge puddle sat  underneath him. He was horrified, terrified, almost was about to cry…


Chase’s boss was pretty angry. This was an extremely important meeting and the last thing  the company needed was for the leader of the project to wet his pants in front of the company’s  executives and clients.

“C…Crystal…I’m scared…”

Chase felt helpless. He just wanted to cry on the spot and hold on to Crystal. However,  Crystal wasn’t involved in this particular project, so she’s not aware of Chase’s accident. Chase just stood there for a while, holding on to his wet crotch, feeling how badly he wet it. His eyes started to tear up, whispering Crystal’s name every now and then, hoping that she will  somehow hear him and come into the conference room to help him. The feeling of his wet pants reminded him of being in diapers, or being forced into diapers.  That, plus a few thoughts of Crystal taking care of him, especially during a time of need,  caused Chase to get very, very hard. It was very noticable. His wet crotch pointing towards  everyone in the room. Chase was utterly horrified.


Chase jumped from the scream of his boss and ran to the bathroom. As soon as he entered  the bathroom, he cried. He cried so hard that it felt almost like he needed to puke. It was  a total nightmare. He decided to call Crystal. No answer. He called again and again,
sending her about a hundred texts. “Please help me!!! I wet myself right in the middle of the  meeting!” was the basic message each text contained. He tried to call her for about 30 minutes,  still no answer. Where could she be? Chase felt lost, horrified, and helpless. He sat on the  bathroom floor in fetal position, sucking his thumb, pretending he was back in his playroom with  Crystal. He was regressing in order to cope with the situation. He got to the point where he  felt like a baby again, with no worries and no responsibilities.

“Uh oh…Crystal…”

Chase made a huge mess in his already wet pants. It smelled pretty bad in there, luckily it was  a one-person bathroom that was locked.“Waaaah…Crystal…I feel tingly…change me…” Chase felt a little happier at this point. A grown man in fetal position, sucking his thumb, pants  completely wet and filled up, crying for someone to help and change him. He was still a little  hard.

“Crystaaaaaaaal!!!!!!! Where are you…..?”

Corporate Diapers – Part 3

[NOTE: This story was written by me and my friend. This chapter was written by my friend.]

It’s been two weeks since Crystal first came to the playroom. In that time she’s changed more diapers than she’s ever thought she ever would. She’s made him meals, cleaned up his messes, and even helped him play. Today she sat in the play room drinking a cup of coffee while Chase played with his blocks. They never played at work anymore, people were starting to get suspicious. They would arrive at different times and leave at different times, they had this down to a science.

Chase giggled as he sat on the floor, stacking his bright multicolored blocks. Wearing just a t-shirt and diaper he would laugh as he knocked over the rainbow tower. Crystal looked on with a grin on her face. She never realized this could be so exciting, so much fun. Taking care of Chase has filled a void within her, a void she never realized was there. Despite acting like a baby he still fucks like a man. The best part was getting it whenever and however she wanted. Softly biting her lower lip as she thought of it. So cute, so innocent, so hot! It was all she could do to hold herself back. She wanted to rip her clothes off and ride him raw right this second, but it’s not wise to interrupt him when he’s playing.

Something Crystal had realized in the past two weeks is that Chase has a dark side, a side he constantly represses. Her theory is that it’s the opposite of his baby side. This side is scary and forceful. The first time she ever encountered this side was the first time she came to the playroom, during the car ride over, but it wasn’t the last. She continued to watch him play, remembering. It was only a few days after she signed the contract and he was playing with one of his stuffed bears. She snuck up on him and he changed, he was furious. He grabbed her and pinned her to the ground, her heart beating a mile a minute. He tore his diaper off and did the same to her pants, ravishing her to the point of orgasm. After he finished Chase reverts right back into baby mode. She had never had an orgasm so intense.

It was still hard for her to imagine the sweet little Chase becoming this strong, powerful, sexual beast. Sometimes she couldn’t help but crave this form, other times she feared it. She decided to only use it in moderation. He seemed finally done with the blocks. “Up! Up!” He said, on his knees, hands reaching up to Crystal. She picked him up pretty easily. She’s gotten a lot stronger since signing the contract, picking up and carrying a grown man all the time does wonders for your muscles. He smiled and giggled, Crystal sniffed the air.

“Did you make a mess?” She said, still holding him. He shook his head. “I think you did.” He kept shaking his head as she carried him over to the changing table.

“Nuh uh!” Chase said, giggling.

“Yeah huh.” Crystal said, laughing, placing him on the brightly colored table. She laid him on his back and he started kicking his legs into the air. She evaded his kicks effortlessly, he obviously wasn’t trying to hurt her, just having a little fun. She laughed as she untaped his messy diapy. “Ooohh you’re a stinking baby!” They both laughed as she wiped and powdered him, making sure his tushy was nice and clean. “That’s a good boy!” Crystal said as she kissed his tummy. He giggled a bit more, his cock twitching. “Oh? You like that sweety?”

“Uh huh!” Chase smiled wide. Crystal kissed his tummy again, but this time a little lower. He squirmed, letting out a soft moan as her lips brushed gently against the base of his dick. “T-that feels good Crystal.” Wrapping her lips around the bottom of his shaft, sliding her tongue against it. “Aaah.” The teasing making him hard as a rock. Kissing his base, her lips gliding up softly, barely touching him. His breathing getting heavier, his fingers trembling. Her tongue pressing against his rod, flicking the bottom of the head. Lips wrapping around the tip, loudly slurping up the precum as his leg shakes.

“Oooh… Ooohh!” He moaned. Crystal holds her hair back as her lips again wrap around the head of his cock. Her hand fondling his freshly powdered balls. “G-gaah!” She slowly lowered her head down his shaft. “I… I’m all tingly!” He cried out. Bobbing her head faster, his dick sliding down her throat. Moaning as she sucks. His hips buck as he shoots a stream of cum down her throat.

“Mmm, such a good little boy.” Crystal said, swallowing down his cum. She moves up to kiss Chase on the lips, little droplets of semen still on hers. “This was the best decision I ever made.” He smiled and clapped, excited about making her happy. She kissed him some more before finally putting his diaper on. He held his hands out again, so she picked him up. He held on to her tight, resting his head on her shoulder. She placed him in his crib. He looked so sweet and innocent. She sat down in the rocking chair beside the crib, she could still taste him. She wanted more, she thought it might be time to awaken the dark side. It shouldn’t be too hard, just wake him from his nap, get him nice and cranky… She poked him a little and he squirmed. Sly grin passes Crystal’s face as Chase lets out some annoyed grunts. She started to shake him a little, he tried to swat her hand away. “Stop!” He whined. She kept at it, agitating him more, giving him a nice hard spank! That’s what did it, he stood up and grabbed Crystal. The look in his eye changed, he was a different person. The new Chase picked her up and placed her in the crib, pulling her close and kissing her neck. His hand immediately sliding into her pants, she was wetter than the ocean. His diaper was torn off as he bent her over the crib, plunging his hard cock inside of her.

“Yesss!” Crystal cried out for more as he thrust himself in and out harder and faster. “Aaah!” He grunted as he fucked, grabbing her tits as the swung from the force. He kept going harder, but then stopped. She was confused, until he began to stick his cock into her ass! “W-wait!” It was too late, he began to fuck her tight asshole. Her lips trembled and her teeth chattered. It felt incredible! He began to rub her clit while he fucked her ass. Her mouth wide open as she screamed for more. “I’m gonna! Aaaaah! I’m gonna cuuum!” She let loose the deluge of her orgasm as he spurted his cum into her ass. Chase pulled out and Crystal collapsed in the crib, shaking from the pleasure. Chase began to regress, crawling towards her on his hands and knees.

“I’m sawwy!” Chase said, Crystal hugged him tight, kissing his forehead. He continued to cry. “It’s okay sweetie.” She held him tight. “I’ll put a new diapy on you later. For now lets just lay here.” He held back the tears while they held each other tight, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Corporate Diapers – Part 2

[NOTE: This story was written by me and a friend.  This chapter was made by my friend.]

“So, you wear diapers.” Crystal said, matter-of-factually. She laid on the floor, naked, with her boss Chase. He nodded. “Is it completely a sexual thing, or do you actually need them?”

“Well… I don’t have an illness or anything.” Chase said, arms wrapped around Crystal. “It just brings me back to a better time, you know? It feels good, makes me happy.”

“Am I the only one that knows?” Her hand sliding behind her to his thigh. Feeling him grow again, his dick pressing against her ass.

“Y-yeah.” Chase was embarrassed. “I’ve been looking for someone though, someone I could share with. I always hoped that person could be you.” She smiled as he hugged her tighter. “It was better than I ever imagined.” Her hand slid against his fully erect cock. Crystal grinned.

“Well I liked it too.” She said, stroking him as they laid on the floor. Speeding up her strokes.  “Unfortunately…” She stopped just as he moaned. “I have to get to work.” She stood up, beginning to put her clothes back on.

“Wait!” Chase panicked. “C-could you put a diapie on me first?” He said innocently. Crystal chuckled, looking for his bag.

“How could I forget?” She took the things out of his bag. Cleaning him, powdering him.

Chase’s dick still hard. “Should I do something about this first?” Grinning, gripping him, stroking. He cries out.

“C-Crystal I feel all tingly!” He was regressing again. Crystal giggled, jerking him off more as his legs began to shake. “Oooooh!” He moans until he spurts out his thick, white cum everywhere. Getting some all over his stomach, legs and a little on Crystal’s face! ”Sawwy…” Crystal smiled and began to clean up the cum with her mouth, using her fingers to get the drops off her face and licking them.

“Yummy.” She grinned, continuing to diaper him. When she was all done she helped him get his shirt and pants back on. “There, you look like a big boy again.” She smiled, Chase frowned. “Aww, but you don’t want to be a big boy, do you?” He shook his head no. “Okay little Chase, lets play again after work!” Chase clapped and laughed as Crystal finished getting dressed. She gave a little wave before leaving the room.

Hours have past and the dull work day was finally over. Crystal had been turned on all day, waiting for the time when she can play with her little Chase again. She snuck her way to his office after clocking out, legs already shivering with anticipation. However, when she got there, there was only a note. “Meet me in the parking lot” it said. She rolled her eyes and made her way there. There he was, leaning against his car.

“Get in.” He said, more forceful than she expected. “We’re going to my place.” The drive over was silent. Crystal kept trying to say something, but nothing came out. She started to doubt if this was even a good idea. After about a half hour they reach his house. A giant home, could almost be called a mansion. Crystal was impressed. Chase held the door open and Crystal walked inside. Everything was prim and proper, clean and fancy. He walked up the stairs, motioning for her to follow. The room they entered was small, an office. There was a desk and a large book shelf next to it. Chase reached into the desk and pulled out a piece of paper.

“What’s this?” Crystal asked.

“A contract.” Chase looked excited. “Sign it and you become my guardian. You take care of me, change me, play with me. In exchange you get to live in luxury for the rest of your life.” Crystal was about to sign it.

“However!” He interrupted. “If you tell anyone about this you lose everything. Understand?” Crystal read over the contract over and over. This isn’t something she should go into lightly, she thought. She looked it over again, then looked at Chase. He grinned as she signed her name. “Oh boy!” He said, childlike joy echoing throughout the room. “Take a look at this then!” He rushed over to the book case and pulled one of the unlabeled books. The case suddenly spins, revealing a secret room!

“What in the world…” The room was bright and colorful. Baby blue walls with big fluffy white clouds painted on them. Rainbow colored playground equipment, multi-colored blocks, and mountains of stuffed toys. A baby’s paradise. In the center was a large changing table, looks custom built for a grown man.

“It’s my playroom!” Chase laughed as he jumped inside, playing with a giant stuffed elephant.

Crystal walked in and kept looking around, it was a little surreal. He kept laughing and giggling, playingvwith the toys. Then the look on his face changed. He didn’t look so happy. “Do you need to be changed?” Crystal smiled. Chase shook his head back and forth. “I think
you do.”

“Nuh uh!” He said as Crystal chased him around. They both laughed as she finally caught him. Picking him up and carrying him to the changing table.

“Yeah huh.” She giggled as she placed him on the changing table. Taking his pants off slowly.

“Yeah, you definitely need a new diapie.” She grinned as he squirmed. Taking off the diaper, tossing it in the garbage. Chase giggled as Crystal cleaned him up. She laughed, too. She was really enjoying herself, feeling herself get that tingling feeling as she cleaned him. She knew just what to do next. Her grin growing wide as she put a new one on him. “Are you hungry, sweetie?” She asked, lifting her shirt. He nods and moves his head closer to her breast. Her bra drops to the floor as his lips wrap around her nipple.

“Mmmm.” Chase sucks on Crystal’s nipple. Nothing comes out, but the sensation fills her body with intense joy. She slides her hand inside her pants. He grabbed and squeezed her other tit, while still suckling on the other. Her fingers deep inside her damp pussy.

“Ooooooh!” Crystal cried out. The sucking making her whole body tingle, the fingering only making it better. Chase switched to the other nipple. “Oh yes! Yes yes YES!” She cried out.

“AAAAAHH!!” She screamed as she unleashed a powerful orgasm. Panting, breathing faster. “That was amazing… I can’t wait for more!” She picked him up and put him in his over-sized crib. “This is gonna be a fun arrangement.”

Corporate Diapers – Part 1

[NOTE: This story was written by me and my friend.  My friend wrote this chapter.]

It’s been a long, stressful day. Chase squirmed in his chair. He couldn’t wait for it to be all over. He needed to get home fast!  His leg shook under the desk, he just had to get through one more meeting.  Just one more, but he knew this one was going to be rough. That’s when Crystal walked in. She’s an employee that’s he’s always had a crush on. He never had the guts to ever say anything though. He’s her boss, he thought, it’d be inappropriate!

“You wanted to see me?” She seemed annoyed. Arms folded against her gorgeous chest. Long wavy dark hair framing her face. Dark brown eyes staring into Chase’s. She walked into the office without knocking, her confidence making Chase uncomfortable.

“What do you want?”

“Well, you see…” He couldn’t concentrate. He was getting lost in her eyes again. She tilted her head and smirked. “You’ve been late a lot lately.” He blurted out. “And that’s… well…” Crystal stood up and walked around the desk, shaking her head. Chase tried to stand, but she wouldn’t let him. “Um, what are you doing?” She went right in and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. It seemed like it lasted for hours to Chase. When they broke apart there was a string of saliva connecting them. “Here’s what’s gonna happen.” Crystal sat on his desk, grinning. “I’m going to keep coming in whenever I want, and never get in trouble. In exchange, you get more.” Chase silently nodded as she spread her legs. “Good boy.” He was extremely nervous. He always wanted this, but not right now… She might discover his secret! “Now then…” She stood up and undid her pants, dropping them to the floor. Standing before him in her lacy black panties, then sitting back on his desk. “Be a good boy and take care of this for me.” He was shaking, but in a good way. He has never been so excited, almost thought he was going to wet himself. He leaned in and sniffed at her crotch, taking in the beautiful smell. Kissing her inner thigh. “Mmmm.” Sliding her panties off, getting a good look at her gorgeous pussy.

He kissed her wet slit, heard her let out a soft moan. The sexy sounds she maked fueled him to go further. Sliding his tongue inside, she grips his hair. Licking up and down, she grips harder. Lunging his tongue inside, she cries out for more! Finding her clit, she grabs him with both hands. Licking, sucking, kissing, exploring with his mouth. She screams out in pure pleasure, her leg shaking, her toes curling. She can’t take it anymore! “AAAaaAAAAH!” She creams as she unleashes her orgasm over his face. Not letting go as she begins to calm down, breathing heavily. “Your turn.” Crystal smiles,finally releasing her grip on Chase. He didn’t look too happy anymore.

“I… uh, don’t think that’s a good idea.” He stood up and tried to back away, Crystal did not look amused. “Seriously, that was nice, but maybe we should finish another time!” She stood up and pulled his pants off, revealing his secret… He was wearing a diaper! Chase tried to cover it up, embarrassed. Crystal just started giggling.

“Aww aren’t you cute!” She said. “Look at you! Such a cute widdle baby!” Chase frowned and shook his head.

“I… I’m not a baby!” He held back tears. “I’m a big boy!” He was reverting before her eyes. She walked up and gave him a big hug.

“Shhh, it’s okay.” She whispered into his ear. “But I think my big boy needs to be changed.” She smirked, putting her hands on his diapered waist.

“N-no… You don’t have to…” It was too late, she was already taking his diaper off. He squirmed as his big hard cock sprung forward. Crystal found his hidden supplies pretty easily. Cleaning him up, wiping down his stiff dick. Chase lets out a moan as she touches him.  “Oh, does my widdle baby like being touched?” He shook his head, obviously lying. She began to rub him faster, stroking harder. Listening to him moan, sniffling like a little baby. “Hehe, yes he does!” She kept going, holding his dick in her hand, stroking until finally he explodes! Shooting his warm, sticking cum all over the place. Some even landing on her. Crystal then starts to lick him clean. “Oh my, still hard? Such a naughty boy!” He gulped.

“T-that felt good Crystal…” Chase said, blushing. His hard cock still pointing in the air. “Glad you liked it sweetie, because we aren’t finished!” She said, taking off her top. Chase is in awe of her naked body. “You too honey!” She took his shirt off too, climbing on top of him. Sliding his throbbing member slowly inside her. “Aaaah!” They both cried out. Crystal raises her hips up, then slowly sliding them down. The pleasure is almost too much for them to take. “Ooh fuck yess!” Up and down, faster and faster. Her gorgeous tits starting to bounce with each motion, “Yess… Yeeesss… YEEESSS” She yelled, in pure ecstasy, as she rode his cock. He cried out to, the feeling of pleasure so immense.

“C-CRYSTAL!” He cried out, in tears, as he lets loose his full orgasm inside her. She climaxes at the same time, letting loose a deluge herself. She collapses on top of Chase, his dick still inside her.

“T-that felt so g-good.” She smiled and laughed, holding him tight.

“You’re so cute little Chase.” She started to clean him up, preparing to put on another diaper. “But you’re not quite a big boy yet.” She carefully puts a new one on him, helping him back into his clothes. “Don’t worry though, I’m here to help” She said, hugging her new plaything.