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Corporate Diapers – Part 4

[NOTE: This chapter was written by me.  The earlier chapters were written by a friend.]

It’s been two months since Crystal signed the contract to be Chase’s guardian. In the past month, Chase has been extremely busy with an important project. By the end of the day,  he will have to go to a meeting and present a slideshow and a demo to all the top people in  the company, along with a couple of the company’s top clients. Chase has been extremely  stressed out in the past month, and even more so in the last week. The need to be nurtured  by Crystal has grown exponentially because of the stress during the month. He has been  wearing diapers pretty much every day because he’s been so busy. However, he also noticed something. About a few weeks ago, Crystal and Chase went  out on a date to a nice restaurant. They wanted to have an “adult” date together so their adult  relationship grows, along with their ABDL relationship. When Chase and Crystal walked out  of the restaurant, Chase noticed Crystal looked a little surprised.

“Awwww, you had an accident…”

“…I…I did?”

Chase looked down his pants and realized that his pants were indeed soaked and a small  puddle formed underneath him. He couldn’t believe it…he was actually TRYING to be an  adult and not use diapers that day. Chase realized that he’s been doing ABDL stuff almost  every single day since Crystal signed the contract. This means that he almost never uses the  bathroom anymore. Chase basically de-trained himself. He was a little scared that he might  actually need diapers 24-7. He tried his best to forget about it, and thought it was just a fluke.

Today, the day of his project, he rushed into work early to prepare for the big meeting. He was  in such a rush that he forgot to put his diaper on, and he didn’t realize this until he was already  at work.

“Dammit…can’t believe I forgot to put a diaper on. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be able to hold it in today.”

By the end of the day, Chase felt prepared and ready to go to that meeting and blow  everybody’s minds with fancy business words and flashy powerpoint slides with a lot of moving things.

He added the last infographic into the powerpoint.

“Hell yeah…now we’re pointing with power!”

It was now time for the meeting. Chase headed over to the massive conference room, filled  with some of the most important people in the company. Everybody dressed very well, all  suits. He was a little nervous, but also confident. He set up a laptop so he can present the  powerpoint.

“Good evening, everyone.”

Is how Chase started the meeting. Everyone stopped talking and clapped. Chase felt a little  relieved, and more confident. He went through the slides, feeling like a boss! He talked with all  that fancy business talk business people like to hear.He continued to talk, however, started to notice something strange. People in the room went  from focusing on Chase, to REALLY focusing on Chase. There was whispering as well.  Chase was a bit concerned, but he kept talking. Finally, a woman called out.

“Um, sir…”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Um…it seems you have wet your pants.”


Chase looked down, in utter disbelief. He wet his pants pretty bad and a huge puddle sat  underneath him. He was horrified, terrified, almost was about to cry…


Chase’s boss was pretty angry. This was an extremely important meeting and the last thing  the company needed was for the leader of the project to wet his pants in front of the company’s  executives and clients.

“C…Crystal…I’m scared…”

Chase felt helpless. He just wanted to cry on the spot and hold on to Crystal. However,  Crystal wasn’t involved in this particular project, so she’s not aware of Chase’s accident. Chase just stood there for a while, holding on to his wet crotch, feeling how badly he wet it. His eyes started to tear up, whispering Crystal’s name every now and then, hoping that she will  somehow hear him and come into the conference room to help him. The feeling of his wet pants reminded him of being in diapers, or being forced into diapers.  That, plus a few thoughts of Crystal taking care of him, especially during a time of need,  caused Chase to get very, very hard. It was very noticable. His wet crotch pointing towards  everyone in the room. Chase was utterly horrified.


Chase jumped from the scream of his boss and ran to the bathroom. As soon as he entered  the bathroom, he cried. He cried so hard that it felt almost like he needed to puke. It was  a total nightmare. He decided to call Crystal. No answer. He called again and again,
sending her about a hundred texts. “Please help me!!! I wet myself right in the middle of the  meeting!” was the basic message each text contained. He tried to call her for about 30 minutes,  still no answer. Where could she be? Chase felt lost, horrified, and helpless. He sat on the  bathroom floor in fetal position, sucking his thumb, pretending he was back in his playroom with  Crystal. He was regressing in order to cope with the situation. He got to the point where he  felt like a baby again, with no worries and no responsibilities.

“Uh oh…Crystal…”

Chase made a huge mess in his already wet pants. It smelled pretty bad in there, luckily it was  a one-person bathroom that was locked.“Waaaah…Crystal…I feel tingly…change me…” Chase felt a little happier at this point. A grown man in fetal position, sucking his thumb, pants  completely wet and filled up, crying for someone to help and change him. He was still a little  hard.

“Crystaaaaaaaal!!!!!!! Where are you…..?”


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